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Your Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Solution

Get The Body You Want, No Matter Your Age Or Fitness Level

Liposuction ballymena
  • Treats a mummy tummy – Transform the ‘mum tum’ both superficially and under the skin
  • Instant inch loss – Ideal for quick body reshaping as well as long-term inch loss
  •  Works to rejuvenate the skin leaving it looking and feeling tighter
  • Long Lasting Results so you don't have to keep coming back

Why Choose Jan Val Beauty Galgorm?

  • Address You Burning Needs & Learn How You'll Be Able To Get The Results You Want
  • You’ll Get An Award Winning State Of The Art Procedure, Which Provide Industry Leading Long Last Results.
  • Simple No Hassle 30 Minutes Procedure Based In Ballymena Saving You Having to Travel Down South or To England.
  • Save £1000’s Compared to Conventional Surgery Without Any of The Side Effects Or the Risks
  • Scientifically Proven To Naturally Boost Your Collagen, Which Provides Elasticity To Your Skin Keeping It Youtful For Longer
  • Option to pay as you go or set it & forget it to suit your needs

Get An Additional 2 Treatments, Each Worth £189, Free On Complete Tummy Solution Packages

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Tummy Tuck Ballymena


"Fantastic results, did a Tummy Tuck and Wrinkle Reduction procedure and can’t recommend this place enough. Was a bit nervous at first but the procedure was really simple and Janine provided excellent service . Thanks again" -McSharry L Alison

"I asked Janine if she’d be able to do a Tummy tuck session (we agreed on a course after her consultation). Delighted and amazed with the transformation! Can’t recommend this place enough! Thanks again, absolutely fantastic service!" -Doreen Currie

"I couldn’t believe it. In Just 5 Treatments I Lost 6 cm Off My Waistline. Three months down the line and the results haven’t changed. The treatment was fast and pleasant. I got rid of stubborn fat deposits that I just couldn’t get rid of with exercise. I look and feel great!" -Ms.Shahmoon

"Excellent service, pleased with the results! Came for a Tummy Tuck weight loss treatment and glad I made the investment. Thanks for eveAbsolutely fantastic, really happy with the weight loss treatment I’ve done over here. Excellent professional service." -Lorraine Barradas

"Absolutely fantastic, really happy with the weight loss treatment I’ve done over here. Excellent professional service." -Ryan Connor

See The Treatment In Action

The LP Tummy tuck is designed specifically to tighten the skin and stimulate tissue repair to the abdomen area. This treatment uses TriPollar radio frequency technology to rekindle new collagen production in the body. This treatment is ideal for post pregnancy mummy tummies or someone that has lost weight from dieting to regenerate the area and soften the appearance of stretch marks.

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